National Association of Medicaid Fraud Control Units

National Association of Medicaid Fraud Control Units National Association of Medicaid Fraud Control Units

Executive Committee

The purpose of the NAMFCU Executive Committee is charged with the management of the Association. The Committee is comprised of a President, Vice-President, six Regional Representatives, one honorary member from New York, and the Association’s past presidents, currently five.

The Executive Committee, except for past presidents and the New York member, is elected at the Annual Training Program each year by the Association’s Directors.

The Committee adopts an annual budget for the Association and submits an annual report on the Association’s financial affairs to the Association at the annual Directors meeting.

The President is the principal office of the Association, and presides at all Association meetings, appoints Chairs and members for all NAMFCU’s various Committees and working groups and is the spokesperson for the Association. 

Executive Committtee Members:

Keesha Mitchell, President, Ohio MFCU

Mykel Fry, Vice President, Oklahoma MFCU

Jim Dube, North Eastern Regional Representative, Rhode Island MFCU

Randall Clouse, Eastern Regional Representative, Virginia MFCU

Matthew Whitmire, Midwestern Regional Representative, Indiana MFCU

Treasure Tyson, Southern Regional Representative, Mississippi MFCU

Patricia Padrino Tucker, Central Regional Representative, New Mexico MFCU

Saralyn M. Ang-Olson, Western Regional Representative, California MFCU

Amy Held, Honorary, New York MFCU

Past Presidents

Bruce Lieberman, 2014-2015, Alabama MFCU

Rodney Hopkinson, 2013-2014, Oregon MFCU

Charlie Hobgood, 2011-2012, North Carolina MFCU

Mark Collins, 2009-2011, Nebraska MFCU